Bringing Growth, Ingenuity and Experience to Market. Founded in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis is a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal feed and specialty chemicals and ingredients. By developing strong relationships, making strategic market investments and capitalizing on new opportunities, Wilbur-Ellis has continued to grow its business with sales over $3 billion.

The Yakima Valley SunDome is the ideal venue for concerts, family shows, sporting events, and gatherings for up to 8,000 people. Located in central Washington, the Yakima Valley SunDome is an easy drive from anywhere in the Pacific Northwest allowing events to attract visitors from throughout the Northwest, not to mention the almost 250,000 population of Yakima County.

Building Champions! Many teams that compete in the Wilbur-Ellis SunDome Shootout go on to compete in their State Tournaments. Playing in a large venue is much different than playing in a high school gymnasium. The experience of playing in a venue like the Yakima Valley SunDome becomes invaluable when in a large venue with your season on the line!